InventVest was founded with the express purpose of helping inventors, authors and artists monetize their intellectual property (“IP”). Our goal is to bring together owners of intellectual property and those who can benefit from it or are currently benefiting from it without obtaining a license. Too often, the first thing a company receives from an IP owner is a cease and desist or a letter threatening to sue. This puts everyone into a defensive, emotional posture from the start and makes any negotiations difficult. The vast majority of the time, these situations arise because the user of the property was not aware of the registered IP. We want to help everyone avoid all the legal expense and ill will that comes with law suites.

You have received a letter from us because our team has identified one or more of your products as an example of the situation described above. Our conclusion was arrived at after hours of research and data collection. As mentioned in the letter, we are not a legal firm and do not take legal action other than to execute licenses between the two parties.

It is important to us that you realize we need your product(s) to succeed as well. You see our license agreements nearly always involve royalties. That means our success is also linked to your success. So you can see how our position requires us to produce a win-win agreement.

Please review the letter you received and the attached documents. Discuss the letter with your legal department. We hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity to take a market leading position in your business by taking a license in the intellectual property identified.

Thank you.

Inventvest, LLC