InventVest, LLC -The Champion of Small Inventors

Do You Have One or More Patents That Aren’t Making Money? 

You invested a part of your life to make everyone’s life a little better and were rewarded with a patent. Yet, somehow, the victory seems hollow, unappreciated. We get that. We’ve been there and Inventvest, LLC is proof. We believe every good idea deserves a champion, someone to take the baton, and run the next leg of the race.

You invent, and let InventVest monetize patents for you.

Did You Get a Letter From Us?

If you recently received a letter from InventVest, LLC, its a good thing! We are not patent trolls. In fact our primary goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership between you and/or your company and the one who owns a patent we think could benefit you.

Contact us. We will explain the options you have and together we’ll make every effort to make this a win-win for everyone.