What to Expect

Communications is the bedrock of our business. The first thing we want to communicate to potential clients is what to expect. Let’s get one thing out of the way, we are not a legal firm. If you are here looking for legal advice click here, otherwise, read on. If you do not already have either an issued patent, a pending patent application (one that has already been filed) or a copyright registration in your work, please do not seek to work with us. Only after you have protected your rights will we consider looking at your invention or copyrighted work.

Our primary goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships between inventors and companies that need to license their idea. When you give us an intellectual property to consider we look at several things; its uniqueness, its potential to generate revenue,  the industry it is in and many more things. If, in our sole discretion we choose to take on your IP, we will send you an on-boarding kit. This kit will include a contract, and information about what we will need from you to try to optimize the revenue we can generate. We will let you know, in our opinion, what could be the best licenses to offer, help with pricing and provide information on how we will attempt to maximize revenue. This will include trying to get companies to license your intellectual property, making companies aware of your intellectual property, and generally promoting your intellectual property or copyrighted work.  We will also create a private portal for you. Here we will provide an ongoing list of the actions we have taken. The portal will also include a comments section for you to easily communicate with us and us with you.

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When a company licenses your intellectual property it may start to generate revenue right away, however, often it can take a year or more before that happens. It all depends on the product, the type of license and how long it takes for any potential licensee to produce a marketable product. 

The best possible outcome will be achieved if you take an active role. Provide us with images of a prototype, or better yet, an actual prototype,  or video of your idea in action. In general, we are trying to sell your product (idea) to the public before it is produced – a tough thing to do.

You might ask what sets Inventvest apart from patent promoters. Other companies promise you they will obtain patent protection and then provide you with only generic market data for a fee. If we select your IP, you don’t pay us a dime unless and until we can secure licensing revenue for your invention. Also, you will never have to wonder what is being done by us, as your private portal will be kept up to date showing our activity. Finally, if we are unsuccessful, you can walk away with your IP after a certain period of time has elapsed.

Our job is to make companies want to license your idea or other IP. We do this by selling the public on the idea and creating a demand or by finding companies that already are using your idea and convincing them they should be licensing the idea from you.

When we do this, we share in the revenue. It’s that simple.