The Creation of InventVest LLC

Inventvest is the brain child of three Michigan Technological University engineers. These three people are all inventors, hold patents and have a deep, life long passion for the art of inventing. Each has had intellectual property battles with large companies (and won). The point is, we understand the small inventor. We understand why you do what you do. 

I once asked a wise friend and patent attorney, “Do you think its a good idea?”, and like every time before when I’ve asked him this about an idea, he said, “It is if it makes money.”

The wisdom of that answer cannot be overstated and while all that is good in life doesn’t have to make money, a patent should.

A patent is a legal monopoly, granted to the inventor by Congress, as a reward for enriching society. In fact, George Washington was one of the first US patent holders. 

But what happens after you get your patent is entirely up to you. You have the monopoly, you decide. 

So many new inventors have the mistaken belief that their idea is so good, “It will sell itself”. 

da Vinci screw gear sketch

The only thing that sells itself, is something that is already selling itself. Until that happens, someone has to promote it. Someone has to sell licenses to those who need them, even if they don’t know they need them. 

To do that, you need people with the technical, legal and business background to see the potential of your idea. You need people who understand you when you explain your product and why it is so great.

We want to fill this need. We want to have fun doing it and we want to meet other inventors with the same zest for inventing that we have.

Inventvest LLC

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